1.Spinal Adjustment:  The spinal adjustment is the fundamental treatment that every Chiropractor performs.  The misaligned, or subluxated, vertebra is at the root of most health problems.  Adjustments may be performed in a variety of ways; the oldest and most widely known method utilizes a hands-on and hands-only approach.  Adjustments are also done with special tables (drop tables are one example), wedges that use your body weight and gravity, and mechanical low-force devices called Adjustors© or Activators©.  The joints in your arms and legs can also misalign and the same techniques that work for the spine also work for them.  Subluxations cause nerve pressure, scar tissue, arthritis, disc decay, muscle spasm, and limit range of motion.

2.Trigger Point Therapy:  Developed by Bonnie Pruden, a licensed physical therapist, Trigger Point Therapy utilizes constant pressure to treat chronically spastic muscle fibers that cause pain and limit range of motion. These spastic muscles are the result of nerve pressure, causing the muscle to stay contracted.

3.Lumbar Flexion/Distraction:  This treatment is designed to stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the lumbar spine.  It also has a great effect on the rehabilitation of the lumbar discs that have thinned out, degenerated, or begun to slip/bulge. 

4.Ice Packs/Cryotherapy:  Used to reduce initial inflammation and for pain control.  Most effective within the first 72 hours of injury or pain.  Used for 15-20 minutes at a time.

5.Kinesiotaping: The use of Kinesiotape has become more popular and effective since it was seen in use by American athletes in the 2008 Olympics.  It helps anyone increase the rate of healing in a specific area as well as diminish pain and swelling along its path.

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